Our daughter’s wedding was this past Friday. We talked during the planning process about the fact that many wedding favors get left behind. People just don’t care so much about them. BUT we chose to partner with sugar∙butter∙love because their toffee is fantastic and we knew our guests would love it … and they did! Not a single favor was left behind. Every one of the favors were either eaten during the reception or taken by our guest to enjoy later. We were all so pleased. Thank you, sugar∙butter∙love, for making our daughters reception so tasty! - Mandy

The candy is so good, I can’t seem to leave it alone! - Aunt Dorothy, age 100

We love your toffee! YUMMY. Great for gifts, thank you's, special recognition's. Thank you, sugar∙butter∙love ~Joy

Nicole sent me some of the toffee bites you made and I have to say they are absolutely delicious! ~Bill

The soft peanut butter brittle is magic in your mouth! ~Kim

Your products are amazingly yummy! ~Marge

Holy crap, this stuff is delicious! ~Danielle

The Soft Peanut Butter Brittle takes the world by storm…in other words, it’s delicious! ~Tom

I love this product. They are fresh and absolutely delicious! Not only do they make wonderful gifts, I always have to have an extra bag for myself. There is NO comparison. ~Corinne